Franco Dragone is the Founder – Artistic Director of the cultural creation company Dragone. Today one of the world’s most sought-after artistic directors, he is renowned for having invented a new genre in the 1980’s and 90’s by mixing human performance, dance, the four elements of life, technology and music. The shows Franco created during his early days forever changed the face of live entertainment in Las Vegas and, decades later, these shows still receive nightly standing ovations.

Born in a small village in southern Italy, he moved to Belgium with his family at an early age. Franco went on to study drama at the Conservatory in Mons where he fell in love with commedia dell’arte and political theatre. It is at this time that Franco first created his own works, translating the sorrows and dreams of those around him into emotionally- charged, living works of art.

In the 1980’s, Franco joined the nascent Cirque du Soleil and will play an instrumental role in their planetary ascent by signing their biggest successes as Creative Director. Over twelve years he would sign no less than ten shows, among which: Le Cirque Réinventé, Nouvelle Expérience, Saltimbanco, Quidam, Mystère, Alegria, “O” and La Nouba.

In 2000, driven by artistic, entrepreneurial and social aspirations, Franco returned to his hometown of La Louvière and founded Dragone. La Louvière became home to world- class teams involved in the entire production process of Franco’s creations. Among the Company’s most significant shows over the past decade: Celine Dion A New Day; Le Rêve (Las Vegas); The House of Dancing Water and Taboo (Macau); Aida (Naples); The Han Show (Wuhan, China); Paris Merveilles (Lido, Paris) ; The Dai Show (Xishuangbanna, China) ; Philipp Kirkorov – Me (Russia) ; The Land of Legends (Antalya, Turkey).