1. Theme Park day tickets allow you to enter the park and use the units in the park throughout the day. The Gift Shop, Dryer, Meals & Photographic Services are not included in the ticket prices and are subject to additional fees.
  1. The operation of units in the Theme Park may be affected by weather conditions and maintenance work. Throughout the day you can obtain information about our units which are in the park but closed for maintenance from our Theme Park personnel.
  1. Tickets refunds are not given for Theme Park tickets.
  1. Food, alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages cannot be brought into the Theme Park area.
  1. Flammable materials, weapons, sharp and explosive objects cannot be brought into the Theme Park.
  1. Pets may not be brought into the Theme Park.
  1. Objects like Frisbees, balls and similar objects which may pose a danger to visitors and/or personnel are prohibited, and it is also forbidden to bring scooters, skateboards, bicycles, roller skates and similar equipment which may disrupt pedestrian traffic.
  1. Smoking in areas that are not designated for smoking will be punished with actions in accordance with the Law No 4207 of Republic of Turkey and Relevant/Applicable Laws.
  1. In the event that Theme Park Management or a person/persons authorized by the management feel that the peace and security within the Theme Park is under threat due to burglary, offensive behavior, acting against all park rules, cutting in lines at attractions and not complying with rules; they are authorized to prevent those guests from entering the park and/or remove them from the park.
  1. All of the photographs you have taken and audio visual recordings you make are for your own personal use only. The commercial use of these, copying and reproduction for commercial use without our written consent is strictly forbidden.
  1. Our park areas are monitored by cameras for security.
  1. The entertainment units always carry a certain amount of risk. By participating in these rides you accept the natural risks that a responsible person should be aware of. While using the entertainment units you should regard this as an exercise in judgment and adopt the correct behavior. You are required to comply with the warnings and limitations that are posted on the units and the verbal warnings of the staff.
  1. Accompanying adults are responsible for the people under their care and no children under 15 years of age are allowed in the park alone. The accompanying person of a child under 15 cannot be under 18 (eighteen) years old.
  1. For your safety and comfort all units have health, weight, height, and age restrictions and specify the need for accompanying adults.
  2. Visitors must be in good health and must not be affected by any potential medical problems. If you have any doubts about your health and are experiencing mental, physical and chronic problems obtain your doctor’s advice. Please read our Disabled Policy for our disabled visitors or get information from our call center. ( +90 444 99 13 )
  1. Our visitors should not suffer from conditions such as heart disorders, back, neck/nape problems, stitches or high blood pressure.
  1. Other special restrictions are shown on the rules signs and are checked by the personnel. Please pay attention to and comply with these restrictions.
  1. It is recommended that suitable shoes are worn at the Theme Park.
  1. The tickets must be original, there must be an issue date on them and they must be submitted before this date. The Personnel in charge may ask for identification and a matching signature. Do not dispose of your ticket/bill until the end of your visit. Legal action will be taken in the event of a fake ticket or fraudulent use.
  1. The responsibility for valuables lies with the visitor. There are locked lockers available for a fee.
  1. Our guests would be excluded from the assurances, ticket replacements, and insurance services for the tickets supplied from different organizations and agencies and individuals other than Theme Park's own sales channels and the organizations and agencies with whom Theme Park collaborates. The theme park authorities shall be entitled to confiscate the ticket upon identification of such circumstances.


  1. In order to gauge the suitability of a ride for a disabled person, the disabled person and their companion should observe a whole riding cycle and comply completely with all warning signs and instructions. If in any doubt they should not board the ride. The personnel may not assess suitability for the ride but they may determine any limitations for boarding the ride with a visual check.
  1. The companions of such people undertake all responsibility for the person for whose care they are liable, the assessment of their physical abilities, the safety signs, the rides, and are responsible for being aware of the natural risks involved in the rides and the decision to board the ride.
  1. In situations where the companion needs to help the disabled person on and off the rides the personnel may assist, however they are not permitted to lift the disabled person because they are not in command of the required technique for lifting each disabled person according to their disability.
  1. The Theme Park personnel may prevent a disabled person from boarding if it is obvious to them that the ride could pose a risk to the disabled person’s health.
  2. The rules of restriction may be changed without any further notice.