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Covid-19 Theme Park Protocol


  • General areas have been adapted and rearranged according to safe social distance rule. Necessary measures have been taken and signboards have been placed, information notices have been hung. Areas that are frequently used are subject to extra disinfecting practices.
  • Hand disinfectants or disinfection wipes are made available and used at general spaces and WC units.
  • Social distance rules have been redefined at the stores. Information notices have been hung. Stores are disinfected with ULV before opening or after closing every day.
  • Our guests are required to wear masks other than eating & drinking activities due to legal obligation.
  • Our guests are obliged to be scanned with thermometers at the security check points situated in all park entrances.
  • Guests are obliged to sign the necessary legal declaration before passing the booths at the park entrances. Pens to be used for signature will be provided for single use only.


  • All our staff have been provided with training on Covid-19 protection methods and contamination conditions since the first day and is being repeated regularly.
  • Shuttle services for commuting to/from work are disinfected regularly.
  • Our employees undergo medical screening and have their body temperature taken 3 times within working hours. If there is anybody who is not feeling well is reminded and informed not to come to work.
  • Information notes and brochures are in place at common use areas where safe physical distancing rules are applied.
  • Areas dedicated to our staff have been adapted to social distance rule. Disinfection units in sufficient numbers have been placed in these areas. Rooms are shared by maximum 2 people at the lodging. Both physical structure and servicing has been rearranged and adapted to the new requirements at the personnel dining halls. Disposable service materials are used.
  • All our employees wear a face mask or a face shield and gloves


  • Dishes in all F&B units are washed by a dishwasher, not by hand.
  • Tables, seats, chairs at F&B units are disinfected after each use. Disposable materials are used for cleaning. Fabric armchairs and seats are steam-cleaned.
  • Our service personnel carrying clean and dirty materials are organized to be different people.
  • Mixing apparatus and pipettes come in a protective bag.
  • Table clothes and runners are changed for each guest. Cloth napkins are not used at our tables.
  • Foods are kept in closed area or lids are tightly covered.
  • Our kitchen personnel wear a protective mask, bonnet and gloves. Detailed training has been provided for the rules to follow.


  • Pools are cleaned in accordance with chemical values that will not allow any disease or epidemic as usual.
  • Sunbeds are placed in line with the social distancing rules.
  • Sunbeds, sunbed cushions and materials are frequently disinfected.
  • According to the social distance rule, the maximum number of users will be calculated in the pools and the lifeguards will be informed.
  • All entertainment units will serve with half of their capacity.
  • Pools shall not be used by more than the number of people indicated on the caution signs.
  • Please follow the signs and marks that are positioned in accordance with the social distance at the queues..
  • Special sterilizations are applied for lifejackets, boats and mats.
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