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During this exciting underwater walk with helmets, you will have a chance for observing, feeding and spending time together with 7 different kinds of sharks at the same time. You will meet “Zebra Sharks, White Tip Sharks, Black Tip Sharks, Nurse Sharks, Bamboo Sharks, Sandbar Sharks, Guitar Fish, Narinari Rays” and be photographed during feeding and diving.

1. Participants must be at least 10 years of age.
2.  Pregnants, cardiac and hypertension patients; ones with skin disease, physical or mental disorders can not attend the program.
4. Failure to comply with the rules and instructions, Park Management has the right to cancel the tickets without any refund.
5. Participants and their parents have the sole liability to comply with the rules and instructions and otherwise compensate for any damages that may occur by breaching any rules and instructions.
6. Guests must arrive 30 minutes before the interaction in order to have a safety briefing and necessary equipment.

Seance: 13:00 & 16:00



Good to Know
You can take advantage of this activity by purchasing daily Theme Park tickets.
Activity area open until 22:00 at night.
Activity area has heating pool.
Areas that offer gluten-free food and drink.
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