Masha and The Bear

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Awe-inspiring Masha and The Bear joined the legends of The Land of Legends together with all their forest friends for the first time in the world. Come to the fantastic world of Masha and The Bear and be a part of the unique stories of Masha and The Bear, where you can take photos with Masha and The Bear, visit their most intriguing houses, take a fun trip with the Taxi Boat that Masha designed, explore special tastes at the train-shaped restaurant of The Bear and have a lot of surprise experiences.

Adventure Land

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The Land of Legends provides you legendary experiences with its unique shows and events that appeal to the people of all ages! With the breathtaking performances by world-renowned local and foreign artists, DJ shows and special concept organizations, every event you experience in The Land of Legends invites you to a different world.

Hyper Coaster Sky Fighter Race Coaster

Aqua Land

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Do you prefer Magicone, where you will spin and spin, or the Space Rocket, where you will be a water astronaut? You will not get enough of the fun with the surprising, exciting, full of adrenalin slides of Theme Park.

Aqua Land Aqua Land Aqua Land

Extra Facilities

Fast Track

Fast Transition Superiority for Those Who Never Like to Wait. (It's suitable taller than 120cm)


Ideal size for your mobile phones and wallets. (25cmx35cm)


Locked Storage Cabinets for Your Custom Items

Platinum Cabana 440.00 $ / Piece

Daily Cabana for 4 Guest , Towel, Safebox, Lunch, Fast Track Ticket for 2 pax, ,Reef's A'la Carte for 2 Pax

Cabana Gold 345.00 $ / Piece

Daily Cabana for 4 Guest, Minibar, Safebox, Towel

Cabana Silver 270.00 $ / Piece

Daily Cabana for 4 Guest

Birthday Cake for 4 people 50.00 $ / Piece

Birthday Cake for 4 people

Birthday Cake for 10 people 75.00 $ / Piece

Birthday Cake for 10 people

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