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Say hello to limitless entertainment with Legendary Card with which you can use all the units at The Land of Legends Theme Park throughout the year as much as you want and free of charge!

Legendary Card that you may own for 350.00 $  for adults, 280.00 $ for children, and free of charge for our baby guests; opens the door of a world full of entertainment, adrenaline, and excitement, with advantages:             

  • Right to use all entertainment units at Theme Park free of charge all year long
  • 25% Discount on Dolphin Swim and Dolphin Encounter experiences that will enable you to meet our cute aquatic friends, impressing us with their skills
  • 25% Discount on Shark Seatrek experiences, which is an exciting diving activity that will introduce sharks to you, and Mythical Journey which will provide a unique experience by breathing in and out underwater.

Buy the Legendary Card for both yourself and each of your beloved ones, and enjoy the limitless entertainment with advantages.

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You may complete the purchasing procedure from the "Buy Now" menu above

  • By selecting the date you purchase the card on the Entry Date section,
  • Legendary Card option on Ticket section,
  • The number of cards you will purchase in the Adults and Children section


and by inputting the necessary information, so that you will step into a legendary world, full of advantages.



  • Legendary Card provides a limitless entrance all year. 
  • The bracelet that is necessary to be used to enjoy the park, during each entrance along with the Legendary Card, has to be provided by ticket offices.
  • Legendary Card is private and can only be used by the person whose identity data are on the card. If the card is detected to be used by someone else, Theme Park staff is entitled to seize the card. Under these circumstances, The Land of Legends Theme Park is entitled to disqualify the seasonal card without any refund.
  • Lockers, beach boxes, fast track service, street games, surf experience, food and beverages area, souvenirs, photograph service, cabanas, and interactive experiences with living beings are extra services and are not covered by Legendary Card. They are chargeable.
  • A 25% Discount on interactive experiences with living beings is offered as an advantage of the Legendary Card. It applies to Dolphin Swim, Dolphin Encounter, Shark Seatrek, and Mythical Journey experiences.
  • Guests under 12 owning a Legendary Card, can enter the Theme Park with a company that is at least 18 years old.  
  • Adult Legendary Card owners may provide cards for their 0-3-year-old babies from Theme Park ticket offices by submitting their ID Cards. Card durations for 3-year-old babies become unavailable as of babies' 4th birthday.
  • In case the card is lost, it is possible to get a new one by applying to guest relations or Theme park offices in exchange for 50 TRY.
  • Legendary Card cannot be transferred to another person, cannot be taken back, and cannot be re-sold.  
  • The Land of Legends reserves its right to amend all its terms and conditions at any time without giving notice.
  • Legendary Card owners declare and accept that they have read the Theme Park Rules published at the address www.thelandoflegendsthemepark.com.
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